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If you know me, I'm not much of a drinker. But when I do drink alcohol -- I want it to be both delicious and CLEAN. Meaning - void of all that nasty stuff that can make it's way into our wine or cocktails. I noticed actually a few years ago that red wine gave me headaches. Even almost immediately! And even just after one glass, which is about all I'm good for anyways. So after that, I basically quit drinking wine, especially red wine, which unfortunately was my favorite form of alcohol -- due to the benefits! And the taste.

I then realized about a year ago that I could drink QUALITY red wine -- and enjoy it without the accompanying headaches or other ill effects. The reason why many people don't feel well after drinking wine is because most wines are not quality crafted.

Here is a list of toxins and additives that are in many wines:

  • mega purple food coloring

  • velcorin

  • malic acid

  • tartaric acid

  • silicon dioxide

  • edible gelatin

  • gum arabic

  • aluminum silicates

  • miscellaneous filtration substances

  • polyvinl-polypry-rolidone

  • activated charcoal

  • saccharose

  • ovalumin (egg whites)

Secco Wines own their process of making wine from "grape to glass" and take the added step of lab testing all of their wines to make sure they are low-carb, keto and paleo friendly.

Wine does not have to look delicious to be delicious -- but many people and consumers tend to like their wines VERY red. Most of the color comes from grape skins during fermentation. But sometimes, the color isn't as pronounced. When that occurs, some companies resort to using color-correcting additives like Mega Purple.

Mega Purple is a color-correcting additive made from made from rubi-red grapes. This extremely vibrant grape has both red skin and red flesh, which is why it’s able to impart such a deep color. To prepare it, the grapes are made into a type of wine with extremely high sugar content (roughly 68%).  It’s so powerful, however, that when it’s used, it can only be used in very low amounts.

Unfortunately, too much Mega Purple can actually soften or completely neutralize the natural aroma and flavor of a wine. While the use of Mega Purple is more prevalent in less expensive wines, you can actually find its use throughout the wine world. Finding a winemaker who will admit to using it, however, is difficult.

One of the main reasons that Secco doesn't utilize Mega Purple is because of our dedication to growing, harvesting, and crafting low-carb wines free of toxins and additives. We like to keep our wines as healthy as possible. That means no added sugar, which means no Mega Purple.

Okay - enough about the bad junk we want to avoid. Let's talk about the benefits of wine! For the most part, I drink red wine. I also love a glass of cold rose in the summer, and occasionally a glass of cold white wine. The benefits that come from red wine are from the antioxidants in the wine -- coming from red grapes which are a relatively rich source of resveratrol, a natural antioxidant in the skin of grapes. Rose does have more resveratrol than white wine, but not as much as red wine.

According to a 2018 study, although notably there are no official recommendations around these benefits, drinking red wine in moderation has positive links with:

So -- all that to say, here is where I land with wine:

  1. It is delicious, and I enjoy it in moderation. Used as a treat, not as a habit!

  2. It can offer health benefits -- the power of antioxidants is huge.

  3. It can be full of toxins.... or not! Drinking CLEAN wine is important if you want to gain the health benefits without the additives that can cause headaches or make you feel yuck the next day.

This is why I am currently enjoying Secco Wines. They are clean, and we have taste tested them -- YUM. Usually I don't looooove wine, but these wines are legit. Secco wines guarantee the following:

  • 0 added sugar

  • 0 chemicals

  • 100% dry farmed

  • 100% non gmo

  • 100% vegan

  • 100% gluten free

  • 100% organic

I am honored to partner with this amazing company, too -- which brings all of us some fun perks! If you are wanting to transition to clean wine, use the code AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE10 to get the flat shipping rate of $10 (rather than the normal minimum of $22) when you purchase their wine. I also love that you don't have to sign up for a membership with this company -- no requirement for monthly ordering.

Let me know when you order your Secco, and how you feel and what you think!

Enjoy friends - delicious, clean wine is one of life's petite joys!



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