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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Do you nut milk? I’m obsessed. I can’t stop making it, and my family devours it in everything. I am literally making a new batch of these at least every other day. Once you start - you can't stop! I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes today: VANILLA MACADAMIA MILK 1/2 cup macadamias 1/2 cup cashews 1 tbsp vanilla 3-5 cups water 1 large date The amount of water you add determines thickness— this is up to your taste! You can do ALL macadamias, but I did 50/50 w cashews bc organic macas are expensive, and I make this a lot. You could even do mostly cashews and throw in some macadamias for their nice flavor. I combine cashews with the macadamias due to their mild flavor - so the macadamia flavor can really shine. DIRECTIONS:

1. Put all the ingedies in a blender. 2. Blend on high until smooth. 3. Pour into nut bag while holding it over a large bowl. Strain the milk. 4. Pour milk back into blender for easy pouring into storage jar of choice.

So, so easy and SO yummy. I use an Almond Cow because my fam goes through at least one of these bottles a day. We use it for lattes (chai, matcha, golden milk, etc), steamers, hot cocoa, smoothies, waffles, pancakes, with my granola, etc. When I make my lattes of sorts -- I just heat my nut milk in a pot and then add a tbsp ish of the matcha, reishi, turmeric mix, etc. Then I mix it, blend and enjoy. It is basically a daily ritual that grounds me (and tastes delicious). You can get a nut bag off Amazon or likely at your local market. I got my Almond Cow during a sale over Christmas! I haven't regretted that decision... . Another fun one is almonds + cinnamon + splash of maple or honey. Endless options! PLUS many nut milks from the store have additives that are best to avoid/minimize when possible. If I need to buy nut milk— I love @threetreesfoods. I am getting to the point where I mostly make all of ours, but sometimes in a pinch you need to grab some from the store. Read the labels -- it should really just be the nut + water + maybe vanilla or something. Ideally organic if possible to avoid chemicals. Why not COW milk?

Dairy is designed for baby cows, not necessarily for humans. Think about it -- it really is baby cow formula. YES we eat dairy, but minimize when possible. We eat full fat yogurt, some cheeses, butter etc. I love knowing that this is one way we eat less dairy since my kids get plenty elsewhere. Research shows that higher intake of calcium and dairy may increase certain cancer risks.

And it’s not as bone protective as we once thought. Studies of calcium supplementing have shown no benefit in reducing fracture. Vit D appears to be more important! Most of us are genetically unable to properly digest milk— this is due to the casein and the lactose. Casein proteins can induce *inflammation* leading to problems ranging from leaky gut to ear infections to eczema to sinus problems. Lactose intolerance impacts many. That said, we DO eat dairy, and we each have to honor our own body’s bio individual make up. I feel better on minimal dairy. We are all unique! This is so important when thinking about foods. How does it make me feel? How often am I eating/drinking it? What are the impacts on my health?

Health and nutrition is not one size fits all - so it's good to assess your intentions and also how you FEEL. Dairy is a very common food sensitivity, so don't be afraid to dig into that if you think you might have that going on. SO with nut milk— I’m in. Cost effective + easy + yummy + healthy. Winning! . What is YOUR fav nut milk?

What do you use it in/for?

Let me know when you make this!

Happy Milking!


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