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There are many reasons why one may filter their tap water, and I will just be briefly touching on some reasons why here. We started filtering our water about two years ago after my husband's dad was diagnosed with and fighting cancer. He started filtering his water to remove toxins for his body. We decided: why would we wait until a diagnosis to remove toxins from our water? We started researching. Here is a short summary of why we filter our tap water and what you can do for you and your family.

First of all: are we drinking drugs?


An investigation by the Associated Press showed that city water tests positive for pharmaceutical drugs.

A study in Environmental Science and Technology screened drinking water for more than 28 million people. Here what they studied and found: source water, finished drinking water and tap water was analyzed.

The top 11 compounds were:

  • atenolol: a beta-blocker to treat cardiovascular disease

  • atrazine: herbicide banned in the EU but allowed in the US

  • carbamazepine: mood stablizing drug

  • estrone: estrogen horomone

  • gemfibrozil: cholesterol lowering drug

  • meprobamate: tranquilizer used in psych treatments

  • naproxin: pain killer and anti inflammatory

  • phenytoin: anticonvulsant

  • sulfamethoxazole: antibiotic

  • TCEP: a reducing agent

  • trimethoprim: antibiotic

But how are these drugs and chemicals getting in the water?

Some people flush their meds down the toilet. Also after taking meds, some of them end up in feces or urine and in the toilet water. Some water is recycled sewage water that is then treated to cleanse it, but clearly some particles remain. The question is: do you think this is concerning enough to do something about it?

You get to decide. The reported levels are “low”, but they continue to be a concern. According to Sarah Jensen MD, PHD, MPH with the Natural Resources Defense Council: “Ever since the late 90s, the science community has recognized that pharmaceuticals, especially oral contraceptives, are found in sewage water and potentially contaminate drinking water.” So what are the potential effects?

One can imagine, it’s not ideal to be drinking any chemicals, even if low (and seemingly unknown). It can effect humans and of course wild life. Concern in the scientific community increased when fish in the Potomac River and elsewhere were found to have both male + female characteristics when exposed to estrogen like substances (some had both testes and an ovary). The males were even producing eggs. If drugs in waterways impact fish, we could imagine they impact us as well. Especially considering the powerful effect of hormones + other drugs . Those at higher risk would be babies, toddlers and kids since they are more susceptible to environmental exposure.

There are plenty of other contaminants, too, that impact our drinking water. Of course, yes I am so glad that our water goes through water treatment/cleansing systems and that we do not have bacteria and parasites in our water. But unfortunately, many of these chemicals remain in our water.


Chlorine is used to kill bacteria, and this is indeed helpful. However, it can also kill healthy, beneficial bacteria in your gut -- those good guys that are so important for your microbiome, gut health and overall health. 80% of our immune system resides in our gut -- so it's critical we keep our gut microbiome healthy.


Fluoride is usually added. Whether or not you believe it is good for teeth, it's clear that we should not be drinking fluoride. Even fluoridated toothpaste says to call Poison Control if it's swallowed. Fluoride is a poison at a pea size amount, and we are chronically drinking it in our water. Fluoride is associated with many potential harmful health effects, including lower thyroid function.


Aluminum is added to act as a surfactant to grab onto the other heavy metals. But sometimes after that process, more aluminum is left than before the process. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and can accumulate in our bodies and brains.


Arsenic is a natural semi-metallic metal that is poison at certain levels. It is found in the earths crust and ends up in our water. According to the EWG, where we live the water has 2.17 ppm arsenic, and the EWG health guideline is 0.004 ppb. The legal limit is 10 ppb, which as you can see does NOT equal the actual safe limit, per the EWG. So, this translates to 542 times the safe amount of arsenic -- GROSS and SCARY. Read more on arsenic and cancer.


According to the EWG, here where we live these were the other contaminants:

  • bromodicholoromethane

  • chloroform

  • chromium

  • dichloroacetic acid

  • nitrate

  • nitrite

  • TTHMs

  • trichloroacetic acid

  • dichloroacetic acid

It shows that our tap water (where I live) has the contaminants ranging from 3.8 to 41 x the safe dose of these. Yikes! This will vary wherever you live - so you can check out your location. If you are on the EWG website, you can click on the various compounds and read the details and dangers of each.


Head on over to the EWG Tap Water Database. After you enter your zip code, you will click the orange button that says "VIEW UTILITY". This will then take you to your area's tap water assessment. The EWG also provides details on each contaminant that you can click on and read about.


There are a variety of options out there. Feel free to research - I always empower people to do their own research! After researching, we landed on Berkey Filters and have loved the product and feel confident that our water is safe for our family. We have used the countertop filter, and now I am about to purchase filters for our bath + showers. I do not feel like taking an epsom salt bath in a tub full of arsenic... ;).

Click here to Shop Berkey Filters. Once you are on that page, scroll down to read about Berkey Filters, use my link and my discount code I have for you: 10% off! I am so pleased to be able to offer you this, since 10% off does make a difference for these products. I do believe in the importance of this, which is why I'm bringing this to you.

Or you can use these links here:

Discount code for 10% off: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE


Last but not least: I do not share this with you to instill fear, but rather to empower you to own your whole health! Drinking water is a large part of health, and I think it's amazing that 1. We have water here free of bacteria and parasites, and 2. You can filter out the other junk and carcinogens from your water! I love the peace of mind knowing I am doing what I can for my family, and I feel empowered to able to know this information and make an educated choice. I hope this inspires you to do the same.

Stay well, my friends! And please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about Berkey Filters. Xo.

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