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Welcome to my partners page. Here you will find some of my favorite brands, as well as links and discount codes to shop their products. Happy shopping + clean living, eating, home and beauty!

Click here to access my Top Picks on Amazon. For more, see below.


Primally Pure


Primally Pure is a clean beauty and skin care line. I have been using their products for years and haven't found skin care products to be as heavenly and clean as this! Primally Pure provides customers with innovative, creative and clean beauty products - skincare that promotes health and vitality instead of taking away from it.


My favorite Primally Pure products are the following:

  • Unscented or lavender deodorant (I use once daily)

  • Normal cleansing oil (I use nightly)

  • Blue tansy cream (I use every few days)

  • Plumping serum (I use once a week)

  • Jasmine body oil (as needed)

  • Gua Sha stone (working into my routine)

  • Face masks (I use once a week)

  • Body butter (as needed)

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Shop Primally Pure 



Branch Basics


Branch Basics products are human-safe, plant and mineral based, free of harmful preservatives, biodegradable, not tested on animals and are non-GMO. The multi-purpose concentrate makes cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable.


The products are refillable and significantly less expensive than similar single-use products. Simply dilute The Concentrate with water, and you'll be ready to tackle any cleaning job around the house, even your dirty laundry.


You can compare these products with your current products. Make sure to read the labels and feel free to compare the ingredients on EWG. It is so important that the products we use in our home are toxin free. Happy Cleaning! These are my favorite cleaning products so far, and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Shop Branch Basics

Code AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE for 10% off a Starter Kit

For ongoing Branch Basics if you already have used your $10 off, use this partner Branch Basics Link!

Leefy Organics


Turmeric and Ginger

Immune Support

Leefy products are made in small batches with locally sourced ingredients. Leefy provides a whole food and full spectrum extract using organic turmeric, organic ginger root, organic black pepper fruit and vegetable glycerin. Turmeric may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.  Over 6,000 medical studies show that is has major benefits for your body and brain. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, turmeric is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory super food. 


Ginger is also one of the healthiest spices on the planet.  It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful health benefits.  Together with turmeric there is a powerful synergistic benefit.

We use this supplement when we want to work in extra immune support during the winter months, as well as before, during and after travel. The taste is delicious, and it's an easy way to incorporate such amazing super foods into your routine. 

Discount code for 15% off your first order: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE

Shop Leefy Organics


MaryRuth's Organics

Vegan Children and Adult MultiVitamins and Probiotics

Mary Ruth's Organics is owned by a Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef. The mission when starting MaryRuth's was to create wholesome supplements she felt great about giving to my own family. MaryRuth's believes that making the best supplements for your health means creating products with non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens as possible. They do their best to find only the highest quality ingredients and to formulate good tasting products that aid your body on your way to wellness!

We have been using the liquid multivitamin for our entire family and love it. Our kids either take it via a spoon or we put it in their smoothies. They also offer gummies, as well as a variety of probiotic options. 

Discount code for $10 off your first order: LIQUIDTEN

Discount code for 10% off your first order: HONEY10

Shop MaryRuth's Organics


Pique Tea



Pique Tea cold brews organic, freshly harvested, whole-leaf tea at low temperatures for up to 8 hours - never using stale tea from previous harvests or low quality teabag tea. Our process gently extracts antioxidants and phytonutrients, resulting in teas with more concentration of antioxidants than leading teas (verified by 3rd party testing).

Pique is a concentrated invigorating elixir that dissolves in cold or hot water and provides your body with phytonutrients to unleash your inner potential. After assessing other teas on the market, I decided this green tea (matcha) is the cleanest based on their testing protocols. Pique ensures a higher level of purity than any other tea on the market by screening for dangerous and common toxins like: 1) Pesticides, 2) Heavy metals and 3) Toxic mold. Tea is one of the most pesticide laden crops and commonly farmed in areas of high industrial pollution. Drinking clean tea is very important, and I am so honored to be part of the Pique Family and to share these products with you.

Pique offers a variety of tea options to support gut health, fasting, energy and calm. 

Use code AWHOLENEWLIFE5 to save 5% site wide.


Shop Pique Tea Sun Goddess Matcha

Shop Pique Tea Immunity Elixirs (15% off)

Shop Pique Tea Mushroom Elixirs (15% off)

Further Food



Further Food's Mission is to help us take our health further, naturally. They are dedicated to combining the proven, ancient healing practices of Eastern medicine with modern science and nutrition to help us live longer, healthier lives. Further Food believes that food isn't just like medicine, but that it is medicine. What we eat is our most powerful tool to transform our health. Further Food has so many amazing products. I add their matcha, collagen pepties and turmeric to my smoothies and lattes. My three favorites are:

  • Super Food Matcha (has other amazing ingredients like aschegwanda)

  • Collagen Peptides

  • Superfood Turmeric

Discount Code for 5% off your order always: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE

Shop Further Food


Berkey Filters


Clean water is of utmost importance to our health. According to an investigation by Associated Press, every municipal city water that was tested came back for pharmaceutical drugs. This is due to polluted water because people flush their prescription drugs down the toilet. Drinking water often comes from sewage waste, which is then collected, filtered, "decontaminated" and then recirculated back into drinking water. Chlorine and fluoride are also added to tap water. Flouride is not safe to swallow and has been known to lower thyroid gland function. Additionally, many water systems are being filtered by using aluminum, which we also do not want to ingest. We researched water filters, and Berkey is the best option out there if you need a countertop filter! See their website for all the options that can fit your kitchen + lifestyle.

Shop the Berkey Products

Shop Berkey Royal Water Filter

Shop Berkey Water Fluoride Filter

Shop the Go Berkey Travel Kit

Shop the Crown Berkey Products

Discount code for 10% off: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE


AirDoctor Pro


The majority of people spend at least 90% of their time indoors. Breathing safe indoor air is critical for our health. We started researching indoor air pollution years ago from flame retardants that are in furniture and carpet. There are other indoor air pollutants in homes, such as pollen, viruses, dander and smoke. The AirDoctor filters out bacteria, viruses, pollen, dander, mold and smoke, as well as the vast majority of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehye. I honestly can't believe it took our family so long to invest in one of these! We have owned one since early 2020 and haven't looked back. 

The link below provides 300$ off an AirDoctor Pro! This is an incredible deal on this product, and I'm not sure how long this will run. Please let me know if you have any questions. More on the blog.

Shop AirDoctor Pro 50% Off

Four Sigmatic.PNG

Four Sigmatic


Four Sigmatic is a superfood company founded by a group of Finnish Funguys. They aim to popularize functional mushrooms and adaptogens by incorporating them in mainstream products like coffee, tea and cacao. Their products contain all the incredible benefits of the varieties of medicinal mushrooms -- packaged into convenient goodness for us to enjoy! I love this company because these bevies are a great substitute to coffee (and even taste like it!) or they make products that are combined with coffee. Win win. Don't miss out on the medicinal benefits of reishi, chaga, lions mane, cordyceps and more.

Discount code for 10% off: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE



Natural, Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Dental Floss

Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the same mineral that makes up our teeth and bones. HA mineralizes teeth the same way that our bodies do naturally. This toothpaste does not contain flouride, which is harmful when swallowed. RiseWell products are actually safe enough to eat (although their purpose is for safe, oral care)! The ingredients in the toothpaste are the following: HA, xylitol, silica and calcium carbonate, wild mint + peppermint oils, tea tree oil, cinnamon and thyme extracts, orange, lemon and eucalyptus oils, echinacea extract, stevia, sorbitol and erythritol. Our family uses the toothpastes, mouthwash and the dental floss (which is actually coated with HA!). The adult toothpaste is mint flavored and the children's is flavored with natural vanilla and is called "birthday cake". These have been our favorite, natural oral products!

Discount code for 10% off: AWHOLEHEALTHLIFE

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