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You all know I've been looking into wifi more and trying to learn how to best protect myself and my family from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Also known as EMF or RF radiation. Well, loves, there are health consequences of pervasive electronic pollution in our environment -- and with the way the modern world is -- impacts all of us (unless you are living on a desert island somewhere).

The reality is that we are all electromagnetic beings! Our bodies actually use signals to accomplish the functions that are critical to our health -- ranging from cell growth to sensory perception to brainwaves to our heart beat! Electrical waves flow throughout our bodies which then create electric current that generates magnetic fields. SO, we are magnetic, and the EMFs measurable in our bodies actually verify this.

That said, it's not really shocking to understand how powerful the impact of unnatural EMF can affect our physiological functioning - and therefore our whole health! The EMFs found in nature are subtle, with low frequency and power, but EMFs from more powerful sources can have negative impacts.

We do not “feel” or “see” these cellular disturbances, so it is normal to not recognize the consequences of them. However, since we are electromagnetic beings, and constant exposure to unnatural electromagnetic radiation does change cellular behavior, this can impact our whole health.

From the EMF Harmony website, I want to share some research with you. Here are some examples of studies and/or statements issued by government institutions related to health consequences from exposure to EMF radiation:

  • In a study conducted by the National Toxicology Program, part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, rats exposed to EMF radiation used by cell phones (900 MHz) led to "Clear evidence of an association with tumors in the hearts of male rats. The tumors were malignant schwannomas." (reference here)

  • Another study conducted by the National Toxicology Program to investigate potential damage to DNA from EMF exposure found that "RFR exposure was linked with significant increases in DNA damage in the frontal cortex of the brain in male mice, the blood cells of female mice, and the hippocampus of male rats." (reference here)

  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization of the United Nations, "has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields [EMF's] as possibly carcinogenic to humans". (reference here)

  • The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, a federal government agency, in a 1998 report based on population studies concluded "that electrical and magnetic fields around power lines, home wiring, home appliances and some industrial uses should be regarded as a 'possible' human carcinogen that needs further research." (reference here)

  • As far back as 1981 NASA commissioned a study called "Electromagnetic field interactions with the human body: Observed effects and theories" which concluded "Nonionizing EM fields are linked to cancer in humans in three different ways: cause, means of detection, and effective treatment. Bad and benign effects are expected from nonionizing EM fields and much more knowledge is necessary to properly categorize and qualify EM field characteristics." (reference here)

Honestly, there is so much to say here. So much to know and so much to learn. I am going to provide this link -- it has resources for the information provided here and SO MUCH MORE.

In our family, we are starting to really think about this. I have been wearing an EMF harmonizing bracelet for awhile now and LOVE it. I'm getting one for my hubby for Christmas (don't tell him ;) -- I have it in white and am getting it in black! The wrist strap is flexible and adjustable, and it actually will fit at least two of my children's wrists. I am going to budget out getting these for my children, since they are constantly exposed to EMF -- way more than I was when I was young. Wi-fi, iPADs, cell phones, etc. We can't escape it.

We also are going to be looking at in-home solutions. This is in my January 2021 goals. Frankly, I think it's critical in today's age. I will share what we end up purchasing -- you can look at the options here! I love that EMF Harmony has harmonizers for everything from your home to your Apple Watch to your fitness tracker! Check out these options:

  • Cell phone & WiFi router: EMF Harmonizer+

  • Laptop, tablet & other wireless devices: EMF Harmonizer

  • Your home, office or workplace: EMF Harmonizer Home & Office

  • Your automobile: EMF Harmonizer Car

  • Your body when on the go: EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband, Mobility+ Bracelet

  • Your Apple Watch: EMF Harmonizer Apple Watchband

  • Your smart watch or fitness tracker: EMF Harmonizer Smartwatch Chip

Like I said, in our family we started with the EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wristband. I have mine now, and my husband and kiddos are next! Maybe not my 3 year old, because I think he will lose it ;). But I think my 5 and 6 year olds will think it's cool!

How do the products work?

EMF Harmony products are based on a bio-energetic approach to health developed in Europe and feature a unique dual-level technology that offers effective protection from the damaging effects of EMF radiation and support for the body's health in its presence.

The first level of action is a Direct Technology that harmonizes the negative energetic frequencies of the electromagnetic radiation to minimize its health impact. The second level of action is an Adaptive Technology that supports the cells in your body as they are stressed by the radiation, bringing their energy to an optimal level for good health. The EMF Harmony technology operates at the sub-atomic level, so it does not block or alter the actual electromagnetic frequencies, allowing your electronic devices to operate normally.

Shop EMF Harmony at this link -- and use code MEG20 to save 20%! You can always contact me with any questions. Here is to harmonizing ... and healthy bodies! The reality is that there is a lot of damage that can occur from living in the modern world, but at the same time there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our families! This is one way, and I'm so excited I'm finally investing in it.

XOXO friends -- cheers to your whole health life.


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