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creating a nourished, joyful and vibrant life

Well, hi! I'm glad you are here. This is my heart - to empower you to live a nourished and healthy life. I am a pharmacist and Integrative Health Practitioner, passionate about empowering people to live a life that is full, joyful, healthy, vibrant and well nourished. I am a farmacist, passionate about using REAL foods  to fuel your body wholly and powerfully! I believe we can CREATE our own WHOLE HEALTH life.

Based as my experience as a pharmacist with a holistic mindset, I believe we can use western medicine safely and judiciously (and only when absolutely needed) -- while maximizing our natural food resources to serve and nourish ourselves and our family's whole health! Life is short, so I believe every day we have the chance to feed our body well to be able to both seize the day and prevent illness. I believe a life that is low tox and full of movement serves our bodies well. I share about holistic remedies, low toxic swaps, clean beauty and so much more.  A whole health life is fun, simple, delicious, and family friendly. Let's live nourished so we can live our best adventures! Welcome new friend, glad you are here. 

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